Yana 28, Russia

Birth date: 1994
Height: 178
Weight: 51
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blonde
Education: Finance and Law Academy
Specialty: Master’s degree (Law)
Languages: English, Basic
Profession: Luxury real estate broker, modeling
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
About me:

My mother is a lawyer, my father is a constructor. I have a brother, my family lives in Russia, we have good relations. My childhood and youth were fine, I was positive and studied a lot, I went to different circles, I dreamed of becoming a public employee. From the age of 16, I began working as a model, in China, then I had contracts in Milan, then in Moscow. Now I work as a broker in the elite real estate agency, it somehow happened by chance. I live in the center of Moscow.

I have no car now, but I have a driver’s license.

Life goals: self-realization

I prefer a healthy lifestyle, fitness, pilates. I do not smoke. Alcohol: socially.

I consider myself quite an economic girl. Friends (girls) are important to me, but it all depends on my mood, sometimes I am good at home, sometimes I feel like meeting friendsI see my future family life filled with love and respect. I am positive about having children, I am ready to become a mother. Man is support in the family. For me, happiness and love is when you don’t pay attention to other men. I have a negative attitude towards cheating.

My character: It’s hard to describe your own character.

Hobbies: Books on psychology, Reality Transerfing

I traveled quite often. I have been to Italy, Switzerland, the Emirates, France, China, Montenegro etc.

Food preferences – Seafood. I can cook.

Preferences in music and films – depending on my mood.

I also like Bolshoi Theater (Swan Lake)

Future: Beloved family and my own business. I would like to open a multi-brand clothing store. I have necessary skills and experience, I am familiar with the sale of goods on Marketplaces. At this stage, I have no plans to create my own business


Wishes for a partner:

Age: from 35 , Tall, possible with children, kind.

Desired country of residence: Europe, US,RU
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