Tony and Ally’s Wedding
Getting married to a foreigner and having a wedding ceremony in two languages is an emotionally rich and unique experience! Tony and Ally’s wedding in Moscow was more on the Russian side, filled with national flavour and our local traditions!
Ally: “Finding someone though a matchmaking agency and tying the knot as a result is not something that is often spoken about, but we would like to share a ray of our happiness with the whole world! If you believe it is your destiny to meet your true love, you ultimately will!”
Adele’s Video Presentation
Our brides are beautiful and talented young women!
Adele has been a contestant in the international beauty pageant “Ms USSR”. She is a talented singer and model with a college education, having majored in literature. Stunning, elegant, yet vivacious, she has a proactive attitude in life and is ready to meet her remarkable man!
USA Agency Press Secretary’s Interview
Our Agency began its story in 2013 in the USA, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a presentation event for ELITE Agency was held. Our members are people who wish to find their true love. Among them are successful businessmen, lawyers and financiers, all of whom we provide with a personalized candidate selection service. Every man and woman that we work with goes through a sophisticated screening process and we take each of our clients’ special wishes into account to achieve the best possible result. We help people find their true love
ELITE CLUB Presented
On the 25th of October the luxurious Moscow club known as «SPY MOSCOW» saw the presentation of ELITE CLUB, the international matchmaking service designed especially for successful people. An exclusive party titled «L'humeur de la Vanilla Sky» was consequently held, distinguished by an atmosphere of the beauty and elegance of romantic meetings. The party was devoted to the expansion of the international activities and rebranding of the Agency.
The party was organized by Alcor, the company that owns the “ELITE International Dating Agency for Successful People” project, as well as the sponsors and wealthy clients of the Agency.
Attendees included business owners, CEOs, foreign guests, beautiful women and members of the Agency, as well as creative artists. The Agency’s sponsors and partners also took an active part in the creation of the uplifting mood of the celebration.
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