“We bring hearts together and help you find happiness!”

Our exclusive matchmaking agency caters to high profile gentlemen from all over the world and Russian ladies who prize healthy long-term relationships.

For the most part we specialise on working with wealthy clients who value their time and wish to get a top quality result in the search for the woman of their dreams, to find inspiration and feel the energy of love!


High Quality Service and Accountability
Our business is built around your interests, provided you aim to start a serious relationship. We take it upon ourselves to find potential life partners who are suitable just for you, and help you choose the woman you will be able to develop mutual feelings with!

 Honesty and Fairness
We put the utmost effort into understanding your needs and helping you uncover your heart’s desire to assess truly just how helpful we can be to you.
We reserve the right to refuse to provide services to applicants before a contract is signed if we for any reason have doubts that the final result can be successfully achieved or that the applicant’s intentions are sincere.

Mutual Respect
Our joint success depends on the mutual respect in our relationship with you, our client. We must work as a team and strive to be as open as possible with each other.
The particular needs of each of our members are important to us, and we recognise that teamwork and your willingness to collaborate are essential to the achievement of our common goal.

Efficiency and Results
We strive to leave you pleasantly surprised with our attitude and quality of service. We work in a calm and professional manner and provide you with our support until you ultimately find your happiness with our help! You will be able to get in touch with your personal matchmaker at any time via the Internet, and get their advice or a consultation whenever necessary.

Protection of Our Members’ and Partners’ Interests
We respect our members’ status and value your opinion of us, and so both men and women, as well as our Agency’s potential clients, go through a process of identity verification and provide proof of their marital and social status. We guarantee complete confidentiality and the security of all interactions with our Agency. We provide you with only the profiles of real women who wish to create a happy international family.

 Leadership and Excellence
Our business is focused around exclusive matchmaking services. We select the most beautiful Slavic women for successful men from the EU, USA and Asia. Our Agency, according to our clients and partners, is undoubtedly the leader in this segment of services. We work with our clients directly, with no intermediary agencies. You will receive a personalised and confidential service from one of our professional matchmakers.

 Knowledge and Understanding of Our Clients’ Needs
We are proud to know our clients’ needs in the most meticulous detail. This knowledge coupled with our experience allows us to provide you with solutions that precede your need for them. We employ a system of exclusive selection of brides who share your interests, are psychologically compatible with you and possess looks that match your personal preferences.


All the exclusive rights to the “ELITE CLUB International Dating Agency for Successful People” project belong to Alkor LLC (based in Moscow, Russia) and Elite Men’s Club LLP (based in London, UK). Our project was founded in 2013 with the support of our partners – businessmen from Russia and the USA, who are familiar with the problems that successful men often face and trust our professionalism. Thus, we have created an Agency which can truly become your friend, assistant and guide in Russia, and provide you with all the necessary support and advice as you search for your life partner here. And this is exactly what we continue to be today.

We would like to acknowledge our American partners, whose help and support has been invaluable over the years:

  • INTER INVEST OKLAHOMA FOUNDATION, an international investment fund;
  • GLOBAL INVESTMENTS REVIEW, a magazine for businesspeople;
  • and last, but not least, LAWSON LAW, a law firm.

Before commencing our business in Russia and the international community, we had familiarised ourselves with the experience and expertise of Agencies in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other countries. We took the best solutions we found and integrated them into our own business practice, taking into account our clients’ wishes. This is why men from all over the world trust us with the delicate task of helping them meet their life partners.



Owner & CEO of the ELITE CLUB Agency V.I.P. Matchmaker
Anna Shishkina
P.A., Translator
Oksana Yakovenko
Representative in Paris Psychologist, Life-coach
Janna Brihas
Matchmaker in Novosibirsk
Anna Rosalia
Matchmaker in NY, US
Marina Shilkina
Licenced Lawyer, US K-1 Visa Consultant
Lidia Lawson
Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor and Goal Achievement Coach
Irina Ivanova


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