Tatyana 40, USA

Birth date: 1983
Height: 165 cm (5`41; )
Weight: 55 kg (121,3 lbn)
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blonde
Education: Higher education in the humanities
Specialty: Psychology
Languages: English
Profession: Art gallery (art), online teacher
Marital status: Divorced in 2019
Children: No children
About me:

I was born and raised in Belarus in a full and happy family. My father was an architect. My mother was an engineer. Unfortunately, my parents have died. I have a sister (she is a teacher). I am an Orthodox Christian, but not a religious one. I have been living in the United States since 2013, have dual citizenship: Belarusian and American.

Traits I am an empath. I easily communicate with people. Responsive and able to surprise my man! People say I am a good conversationalist and a loyal friend! I know how to perceive and love people as they are! I know how to enjoy the moment! I have my principles: I will not forgive treason, betrayal! I make quick decisions. Romantic and kind!

My hobbies

I like to move: cycling, gym, jogging by the sea. I paint with oil. I am fond of photography. I sing and love to dance (modern dance). I love trying new dishes and make sauces for them! I design bags and clothes. I read classical literature (world literature), and I love spiritual literature a lot. I am interested in psychology. I travel a lot, about 6-8 times a year: Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Africa, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands.

Preferred place for rest: vacation in the country, in a summer house, I like to stay and relax at home, I enjoy spending my holiday with friends, relatives.

My ideal vacation: a combination of active and passive recreation, new cities and attractions.

I like rock and classical music, Belarusian and Thai cuisine. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I do not smoke. I have a negative attitude to smoking. Drinking alcohol about 2-3 glasses a month is considered acceptable; I do sports 6 times a week in the gym (sometimes at home), 2-3 times a week-jogging on the beach. Have a car and a driver’s license.

Pets: Dog

My life values are: Truthfulness, loyalty, generosity, the concept of honor, respect for elders and care for them.

Ideas about family life: We are best friends.We have complete trust and respect in our family.I am always an inspiration to my husband, and he is my protector.Every day we are getting closer, as we have a joint spiritual development!We have common goals and of course our beloved children!) It doesn’t matter where my partner lives.  In the future I would like to find a job with a reduced working day, combine family care and work, or get a new education, perhaps create a joint business with my husband. How I see my life in 5 years: With my family and friends. Children run around nearby.We are frying shish kebab.My husband goes about his business, and I help him. I have my own small business or passive income. We are beautiful and athletic. Easy-going. We combine family and work.We also have time to travel. Do not forget to surprise each other (arrange a romantic party, surprises for each other, dance…give a picture…) The family is our fortress!) And we thank each other for everything!

What can make me laugh: Brilliant satire! Something that many will not notice.

My attitude to criticism: If it is appropriate and goes from competent people, then-positive!)

I’m afraid of heights, wars, natural disasters.

I have never done evil to someone. It hurts!

The key to success: Having a goal and understanding – now!

Happiness is Harmony in the soul.

I appreciate people for their sincerity

Heroes of My World are: my Parents

If only I had the supernatural power to resurrect my parents! I would create a paradise


Wishes for a partner:

Age : from 32-52 years, preferably tall man. Without children. Traits of the chosen one: Open, purposeful. With a good sense of humor! Don’t want to build a house. Man with a modern mindset.

Desired country of residence: the USA, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Australia.
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