Some good tips to impress a Russian girl

Have you ever had to take care of a woman you liked, seek her favor? Do you agree that some ladies are very difficult to win?! How to behave with them and to be successful? Let’s see!

Do russian women differ from European, American or Asian beauties? Sure. Each country has its own mentality and culture, so people can look at relationships and courtship in different ways. By contacting the ELITE CLUB Agency you are guaranteed to receive comprehensive support from our side. We always advise clients on how to charm the future bride. Every person is unique, and girls are all different, but there are universal tips, applying which, you will undoubtedly remain a winner.

What are the steps to impress a russian girl?

● Be caring and attentive. She will definitely pay attention to how gallant you are. Show this in small things. You can open the door for her, or you can text a message and ask if she’s tired after work, or call her a taxi or order dinner. This display of attention is sure to catch the girl. You will show her how essential she is to you. It’s just important not to overdo-it. If you become extremely obtrusive, the lady will just run away from you.

● Russian women love flowers. In Slavic culture, it is customary to give flowers to ladies. It is not necessary to give a large bouquet every time, you can give a modest, but refined, and the gesture itself will be extremely beautiful! If you still think that flowers are a waste of money, then you have not yet learned the magic of this gift. Every woman in the soul is very sensitive, tender, vulnerable. By giving flowers to a lady you like, you will show your interest, attention and intentions. And you will definitely not leave her indifferent! It will look even more romantic if you send her a bouquet to work, for example. This will add you a few dozen points! Because girls not only love to receive flowers, but also to let others see this beautiful gesture from a mysterious man. Go for it! This will definitely impress a russian girl!

● When going on a date, take care of your appearance. Dress accordingly with the place you plan to go, but still try to look attractive. The woman will definitely notice and appreciate your efforts. A well-dressed man always looks much more seductive.

● Surprise her! Arrange an unusual date. If you still don’t know much about the woman, not sure of her interests, then act intuitively. What matters here is not the amount of money spent, but the emotions that your action will cause.

● ELITE CLUB ensures to help all our clients arrange dates in Moscow when they arrive to meet the brides in person. We select restaurants, locations, entertainment, organise excursions and make your evening exceptionally beautiful. So if you aren’t sure about the method of impressing a russian girl just trust us, and you will get the best result!

● Try to be easy to communicate, make jokes and be sincere. Positive men are much more likely to enrapture a russian beauties. Sometimes the language barrier can interfere with communication, but smiles, laughter and happy eyes are always easy to understand!

● Say compliments. The best way to show her your sympathy is to say how beautiful and perfect she looks. Try to see something special in your lady and emphasise it. Most importantly, be honest and say it from the heart.

● Write her a letter. Does that sound old-fashioned? This is a very romantic and intimate gesture. In the contemporary world sending a message takes a few seconds, and handwritten letters are incredibly valuable. You write words from the heart. Such a letter will really impress a russian lady. She can save it and read it again and again. In a handwritten letter you can especially show your soul and sincere sympathy for the woman. So don’t be afraid to surprise her in this way!

● Listen carefully to her and remember what she says. After a while, you can surprise her by showing that you are not just an attentive listener, but also a caring man who takes her words seriously and remembers it.

● Give her a present. It could be a ticket to a concert that she has long dreamed of going to, or hand-made eye rings, or even tasty cupcake. It would be a very sweet gesture to show that you are thinking about her!

● Be confident, because a woman is looking for a man with whom she will feel safe. Give her that feeling.

So what is the easiest way to impress a russian girl?

Each of these tips are important. Be sincere on a date. Show your sympathy and pure interest to her. It’s really a big exclusive adventure to date a russian woman. You will definitely win her heart by following our advice.

How are we preparing the dates?

When we consult our clients, we get to know them as closely as possible, and arrange dates according to their interests. Careful preparation for the first meetings is a really serious and important matter. We have extensive experience in organising interesting, unusual and chic dates. The most important thing for us is to help you find the perfect partner. By applying to ELITE CLUB, you invest in your happy future.
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