Olesiya 26, Moscow

Birth date: 1998 г.
Height: 176 sm
Weight: 62 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: dark blond
Education: higher education (tourism and tourist business)
Specialty: Additional education: professional artist and sculptor
Languages: Hebrew, German, studying French and Spanish
Profession: My own painting studio in Moscow and an art gallery in Israel
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
About me:

Born in the city of Samara in a good and prosperous family. Mother is a doctor (at the moment she is a chief physician of a clinic in Moscow), father has a business company for the production and sale of bearings. I have a younger sister, she is a biologist and lives in Israel. Grandfather is a professor at the university, Grandmother used to work in tourism. We have a very close relationship.

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a clothing designer or creating cartoons/films. We traveled a lot with my family, I have been interested in foreign languages ​since childhood. I always painted well, created my magazines, was a bright and active child.

Since childhood, I have painted and chose to do what I loved. I got economic education for basic knowledge and stability. I also studied in Europe as an exchange student. Now I live in Moscow or Tel Aviv with my sister and often visit Europe. I have two citizenships: of Israel and Russia. I own a painting studio, I am an Art Dealer, I sell works of art and cooperate with different galleries. I have a driver’s license.

Character traits.

Good: very ambitious, positive, stubborn, decisive and strong-willed. Not good: ubable to wait long, sometimes I can be capricious, demanding. I have a positive attitude to constructive criticism.

My life goals: constant development, self-improvement, strong family, travel, successful career. Values: love, care, loyalty, to become better and develop together with my partner.

Hobbies: French impressionism in art, dystopian books and historical novels. I do diving, yoga, sports, alpine skiing. I like to study foreign languages and be close to nature.

I have traveled a lot from an early age. First with parents, then for studies with students and now because of exhibitions in different countries. It was almost everywhere in Europe and 4 Asian countries. I want to visit Japan and America (the differences from our culture are interesting for me).

I don’t really like to cook. I prefer a healthy diet, seafood, fish, vegetables.

I love theater, especially musicals, ballet, shows.

I have a negative attitude towards smoking, neutral to alcohol.

I am not the most housewifely girl, but for my loved one I am ready to do a lot of things.

At this life stage, I am a more social person than a homey person. Friends are important to me and I would like to have common friends with my husband.

Wishes for a partner:

I like dark-haired and dark-skinned men, oriental appearance type. Athletic body, takes care of himself, without bad habits. Necessarily financially secured. Caring, decisive, purposeful, successful, gentle, generous, smart.


Desired country of residence: Russia, Israel, Europe, America.
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