Mariya 28,Moscow

Birth date: 1995 г.
Height: 167 sm
Weight: 49 kg
Eye color: gray-blue
Hair color: natural light-brown
Education: bachelor degree in Advertising and PR
Specialty: manager
Languages: English, French
Profession: translator, real estate agent
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
About me:

I was very active and hardworking kid, had good grades in school, took classes of art and dance. I always had big dreams. I’ve started to live separately from my parents at the age of 17, I was very independent. Right after University graduation I started to work as a PR-manager. After I changed office work to freelance. Now I work as a translator and real estate agent, I also take driving classes. I have a very active and healthy lifestyle. 


  I’m kind, fair and humble. I’m easily attached to people-I find this my weakness. It’s very important for me to have equal relationship in terms of giving. 

I’m ready to change and make efforts if it makes me a better version of myself. 

Friendship is also very important for me, but I don’t always feel myself comfortable in the new group (actually it depends on people). I need to feel interest to my personality, then I’m open. I’m very friendly and nice, if I feel a right energy from a person.


I love outdoor activities: tracking, hicking, my dream is to make mountain climbing. Nature inspires me. I am trying to self educate myself in different spheres: economics, politics, history, international news. I’m quiet good in art, especially in French Impressionism. One of my favorite artists is Toulouse-Lautrec. I want to develop my own ecological project. One of my hobbies is organization of interesting travels. I don’t like parties, because I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I do various sport: fitness, boxing, swimming, dancing, tennis. 

My favorite cuisines are Japanese and russian. Sometimes I cook. In music I’m not into one specific style, I love them all: from classical to hip-hop. Regularly we visit Bolshoi theatre with my mother. More often for concerts. 

During the last few years I was traveling  pretty often. Luckily Ive visited almost all the Europe, UAE, USA, UK, Qatar (for World Cup)…

Life values

 I want family and 2 kids. I’m a good housewife, but help at home is always necessary.

I want to live in a house, where I’ll organize my own eco-garden. I want to travel all over the world with my husband and kids. I live when man is a leader in a family, but I want him to trust me in important decisions. I will not forgive cheating. Happiness is when reality beats expectations

My dream is to create a project that will be useful for society and will save our planet. I would love to start business in ecology. Trees planting, recycling in each neighborhood, lobby of the law about ecology lessons in each school, forbid disposable tablewear, packaging etc I have a lot of ideas, but I need help to develop them. 

Wishes for a partner:

Country of living isn’t that important. He is tall . Better without kids. The most important quality for me is being reliable. I want to be confident in my man tomorrow, in one year and till 

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