Marina 30,Minsk-Moscow

Birth date: 1993
Height: 177
Weight: 53
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blonde
Education: Higher education. Southern Federal University
Specialty: Applied Economics.
Languages: English
Profession: Modeling Agency
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
About me:

I grew up in a nuclear family. I have a sister. My father has a clothing store in Belarus. Mother is a housewife. We have very good relationships, but we don’t see each other often, since I live by myself. All my childhood I did rhythmic gymnastics. I dreamed of becoming a model. The dream came true. Independently I managed to win the contest “Miss Belarus.” Now I live in Moscow, I participate in advertising filming of Russian and foreign brands. I don’t like driving, but I have a license.

Character and traits: Decency, intelligence, kindness, loyalty, generosity, good manners. I am short-tempered, sometimes I demonstrate maximalism or stubbornness, probably there are no perfect people, but I am honest about what I am and accept people with advantages and shortcomings, if we accept and respect each other. Reasonable people always know how to find a common language and mutual understanding. I believe that I will meet a real man and my love and become the best woman and wife in the world) I want to have a big family. The head of the family is, of course, husband.

Life Values: Love-passion, respect, friendship, understanding. Happiness is a state of complete satisfaction with life, enjoying it, a feeling of relevance, importance in it.

Friends are also important for me because I am a very sociable person. I depends on my mood, but I think I am more of a company person.

Dream: A big house, two children, a loving husband, maybe own business, maybe own clothing brand. I don’t have any experience. I definitely wouldn’t like to turn into a housewife. I could help my husband in his business and travel the world together with our family, this is interesting too.




Desired country of residence: America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, Asia (if he moved there, not Asian).
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