Sergey and Natalia

Sergey and Natalia

One more beautiful couple has been created in our Agency!

It took them only three months from the first date till marriage…

Sergey was a charming beau: in the process of dating potential girl-friends, he gave flowers and delighted them with his gallant attitude and intelligence. But one day “The Only One” appeared, who moved his heart and gave him Love.

Natalia filled in an application form and sent photos to the agency. My experience and intuition suggested that she was his Intended, as if she was made precisely for Sergey. The girl is very attractive, comes from Moscow, not lacking in the attention of men… But Natasha is not one of those who might be interested in doubtable candidates. She trusted me and the ELITE CLUB Matchmaking Agency.

Acquaintance with Sergey turned out to be the first and only one for her. Fortune smile upon the girl without requests for a “millionaire” and or a high-status handsome man. And as a result, just such a man appeared in her life, who many dream of – successful and responsible. He became a husband and a real support for her.

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