Elizaveta 28,Moscow

Birth date: 1995
Height: 175
Weight: 57
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Education: Secondary vocational education in the construction area, major: Surveyor Technician.
Specialty: Additional education: Beauty Industry Specialist
Languages: English
Profession: Вurgeoning entrepreneur
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
About me:

My dreams have always come first – I know that we come here completely alone and leave the world in the same way, but I am always ready to push my loved ones and relatives to a better future and help them live right now without putting their dreams on a long shelf.

When I was in the family, I did professional sports and ballroom dancing and my partner and I succeeded greatly, we took first places in regional competitions, but my mother decided to suspend my hobby, for that she had her own reasons. Of course, it was hard for me to accept this. But now I have the opportunity to do my favorite sport again, earlier I did not have enough time, and by the end of autumn I will begin dancing regularly!

Hobbies: I adore Surfing – I adore the sense of freedom mixed with adrenaline and just giving in to this rabid natural power of water. I love cycling, I never get tired of riding a bicycle – it gives me the feeling of freedom too. I do fitness, flyboard.

I adore poetry, I love museums, but I highlight very sharp and screaming poets or artists for myself. For example: Brodsky or Salvador Dali, lately I have learned about Damien Hirst, I also like something softer and more romantic – Yesenin, Tolstoy (War and Peace), Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind). I love something complex too, it all depends on the mood, but I definitely love things with a deep meaning or specific message of the life values. Starting from my young age, I have been used to cleanliness and order. Seeing how my mother always tried to keep a relationship with her man, I realized how important it is to be a woman and take care of the hearth. Also, I am Cancer by horoscope – how funny it wouldn’t sound, but my zodiac sign coincides with the description, I love to create home comfort and take care of the family. But I believe that the family that a person creates outside his parent’s family with his or her partner, should be a priority, but we also should not forget to love our first family.

I believe that my life is very rich and I am glad that I got such an experience where I managed to find myself.

I went through big problems and difficulties, betrayals, but this only makes me legible in people and now my social circle has become very narrow, although there are a lot of acquaintances, but I let only few people close.

I think that I can “read” people’s faces, their manners in communication and habits of behavior very well, it helps me choose people in my future team – in my personal business, which I begin to build.

I went to parties at the right age, and I have realized that now I am not really interested in it – probably a couple of times a year and only going to a cool interesting place on the planet with mountains or the ocean, with my best friends, but ideally – with my man. It is important for me that our ways to have fun coincide, it is also important that our musical preferences are similar. I don’t smoke cigarettes, I can drink wine, by the way, I found sommelier courses, I want to understand what I take into my body, and plus this is expanding my horizons and training another muscle – the palate 😉. I am calm about people who can drink stronger drinks, but a person should not become aggressive at that moment.

My life values ​are probably laid down initially by nature – being in a relationship, I always want to create an atmosphere of home warmth; my grandmother helped me a lot to understand this, she is a big example for me – she demonstrated how it can be in a happy family and how you should see your soul mate off in the morning and meet him in the evening, “a man must understand that his woman is waiting for him at home”.

Self-realization: I would like to develop my own brand of women’s clothing, a year ago I became an individual entrepreneur, but I decided to choose a relationship and my idea was stopped for a while. Now I am trying to implement my idea, but I understand that family values ​ ​ are a more important for me.

Travel: I love to travel and get new emotions, I really like places where near an ocean or sea, where there are mountains. This year I plan to visit Gorny Altai and Baikal – it’s funny, I have not been there yet)) I love Mexico – I mastered Surfing there.

In general, I dream of visiting the most unusual and most remote places from Russia, for me this is something different compared to being just in Europe, it is wildness and it gives such a special feeling.




Wishes for a partner:

In a man, I appreciate honesty, loyalty, contribution to health, emotions and foundation. I like when a man loves sports, when his business is a priority, as well as his family (our future family). I do want to have my family – this is my cherished desire for happiness.

I like to have an age difference with a man, for me it’s even more comfortable. At such age, it is absolutely normal to have a previous marriage and children, so yes – this is acceptable of course if my partner has children. But his focus should still be on his family with me – it is important. I dissolve, open up and trust so much if I understand and feel that my partner really chose me. With me a man will understand what it is to be with a real woman!


Desired country of residence: America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, Asia (if he moved there, not Asian).
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