Alina 26,Ukraine

Birth date: 1996
Height: 180
Weight: 56
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blonde
Education: Higher
Specialty: Psychology
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Profession: Psychologist, artist
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
About me:

I was born and raised in Kyiv. My mother is Ukrainian, a children’s teacher. Father is from St. Petersburg, a businessman. We have Polish and Greek roots;

I am calm, benevolent, feminine, I do not endure arguing and scandals, I am always on the side of the right, reasonable decision. If there is a problem or misunderstanding, it is important to discuss it, choose the appropriate solution which is suitable for both parties. I like the energy of life. I love art, sports, classical music, I love theaters. I was used to do horse riding (I want to get back to it). In the future, I would like to open my own gallery-cafe (discover new young talents, arrange exhibitions for little-known artists). A few months ago I moved to Moscow, because there is a war in Ukraine. I have a permanent job here, I draw sketches for beauty salons. I live independently and financially secure.

Wishes for a partner:

I am looking for a man from Europe or the USA. Calm, reliable, honest, leader, eager to create a family. I would like to be as safe as houses with him. I do want to have children, I think after a year of being together and strictly after we get officially married, since I want a nuclear family. A man in the family is an important leader for me, I can only guide and advise. I value mutual respect, a strong and harmonious union is important for me, as well as support for my plans and ideas.

Desired country of residence: Europe, US
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