Alexsandra 26,Saint Petersburg

Birth date: 1997
Height: 175
Weight: 63
Eye color: blue
Hair color: natural blonde
Education: Physics and Mathematics school, St. Petersburg State University, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Languages: English
Profession: creator and promoter of the fur coat and coat brand
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
About me:

I was born and raised in a traditional (two-parent) and friendly family. Parents have a large scrap metal business. They live in Cherepovets and Cyprus (Limassol), travel around the world.

As a child, I was a funny, kind girl. I entered and studied at a physics and mathematics school without difficulty. After school I moved to St. Petersburg, entered the university, studied. Parents bought an apartment in St. Petersburg (on Vasilievsky Island). Everything is fine in my life, I develop as a person, I am engaged in design, production development and online sales of outerwear in St. Petersburg. I enjoy life!

The greatest dream of my life is to create a large friendly family. My parents have been together all their lives – it is a big example for me. Of course, I really want to be caring and desired for my man (husband).


Character: Active, kind, responsive, sincere, honest. Sometimes I am forgetful)), but I am very positive and easy-going. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke.


Hobbies and travel: while I am single, I travel 10-12 times a year, with my parents or with my friend. I dream of visiting Antarctica and the Amazon. When I am married, I am ready to reorient myself to our family life, travel less and become a good wife and caring mother.

I love wildlife. I like Mediterranean cuisine, music with meaning, soulful, Russian “classics” of the 60-70s, I love the theater. I like different movies: I have a whole grand list of favorite films))

I completed cooking courses, received the profession of a cook and know how to cook well. I like swimming, sports, walks outdoors, comprehensive development of my personality and new skills.

Future: I would like to become a mother now, but it’s all in God’s hands, as they say. The main thing is that my partner is ready for family life too. Man is the head of the family, the woman is half a step behind the man. I am ready to change in some important moments and criteria for my partner, but I am not ready to change religion, gender, be in polygamy or vegan. I do not accept cheating in any manifestation, I can’t share my partner with anyone.

Wishes for a partner:

I consider myself a morally mature girl and I want to be near an adult and established man with whom we’ll enjoy living together, find common interests and hobbies, who is ready to build a family, have children, who is also reliable, faithful, positive. A man who will support me as a person, will not prevent from the development of my business, help me to develop… I think it is important for a woman in a marriage to do some favorite things and not turn into a boring housewife watching TV shows. I am ready to move to another country, my husband may be of a different religion and nationality, but I am not ready to change my faith. As for our future children – children will decide themselves how they want to live, when they grow up.


Desired country of residence: Europe, US,RU
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