Veronica 29, Spain

Birth date: 19th January, 1991
Height: 173 cm, (5’8”)
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Eye color: green
Hair color: Blonde
Education: MBA in Business Administration and Management at the ENEB business school in Barcelona, Degree in Flight Attendance (Air Europe) and Public Relations, studied in Barcelona, Real Estate Broker, Expert in Real Estate Data Collection and Mediation Methods, studied in Madrid,
Specialty: economic
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian
Profession: Commercial real estate broker, franchising
Marital status: Single
Children: no children
About me:

I became independent from my family very early on, at 16. I have tried my hand at entrepreneurship in various fields: restaurants, import-export, fashion, renovations and real estate. I lived in various countries, including Spain, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic, and in different cities inside those countries. In the latter years I have returned to Spain, decided to further my education and became self-employed in the field of commercial real estate. But my heart is drawn to the little ones, and I dream of doing something beneficial for the world’s children. That is why I am working on a project of my own involving the provision of interactive goods for educating children in a fun, game-like form.
I presently reside in Spain. I have enrolled into a distance learning programme in Barcelona and am working in the Costa Blanca region, as well as developing my project on interactive education for children based on AR technology. I have a driver’s license and own a car.
The most important thing to me in life is having a family: a husband and children. There will be no one in the world more dear to me than them and they will take up every last bit of my heart. They are the people who will make me the happiest and most complete person in the world. They are love. They will give my life meaning. My main goal in life and what I strive for most is to create, protect and cultivate everything that is in my power to make my future marriage successful and our family harmonious. I will do everything I can for peace and wellbeing to reign in my family.

Wishes for a partner:

A husband is a reliable partner in life, someone I can depend on and entrust my destiny to. A man who wishes to get married should be psychologically and financially ready for the responsibility that comes with creating a family. He should have a masculine and strong-willed character, so that with him I would feel entirely safe and secure.
He would become my mentor in life. He absolutely has to honour his parents and adore children, be kind-hearted and have a big heart and generous spirit. He would help me work on keeping our family harmonious and growing our shared happiness. He would be internally driven to engage in self-development. He would know how to love and be loved.
I hope to put my trust in my future partner, to follow his lead and to learn from him.

Desired country of residence: Europe, USA
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