А successful marriage is proof of prosperity and sound social status.

We know that every high-ranking man who has accumulated wealth and gained an elevated social status has valuable life experience and extensive knowledge in his field of activity, as well as a certain level of acclaim… And yet many wealthy men remain alone, despite their sincere desire to meet their love and create a family with a beautiful and intelligent woman.

So why does this happen?

Successful men, as a rule, concentrate on their career and pour most of their energy into their work. And only at a mature age do they begin to think about creating a family and look for their “one and only”. Many marriages fall apart during the time when a man’s career is growing. This happens for different reasons, one of the most common being that the wife of such a man is actively engaged in developing her own career, doesn’t take good care of her husband and loses her feminine qualities.

Successful men deserve the most beautiful and well-rounded women who will make praiseworthy wives!

Modern society provides an abundance of beautiful and well-groomed women and many opportunities to meet them, for example, on dating websites and in clubs or restaurants, but many of these women do not wish to create a family and only view wealthy men as “sugar daddies”. Meanwhile the men truly want to experience deep and sincere mutual feelings and to find a loyal and beautiful woman with whom they can have a relationship that suits their lifestyle, delve into a sea of love and create a strong family.

Every man wants to have a beautiful, patient, empathetic and affectionate wife who will look after him like she would after a child, and who will love him and remain loyal to the family! These are the qualities of a real Russian woman. Russian women make good wives because in Russia women have always been homemakers and “keepers of the hearth”: this is the historical tradition for Slavic women. Russian wives are ever elegant, well-groomed and intelligent and always compare favourably with European women. A beautiful and intelligent Russian lady is an excellent match for a successful and discerning gentleman!

But where and how does one find their true love amongst the thousands of beautiful women in Russia?

The ELITE CLUB international matchmaking agency is your exclusive personal assistant in the search for the woman of your dreams!

The main registered office of our matchmaking agency is in Russia, but we also work worldwide via the Internet and strive to help each client who wishes to meet a Russian woman for marriage, aims to get real results and to create a lasting relationship with a woman from Russia.

Our clients are business owners, high-ranking managers, doctors, officials and businessmen from all over the world with proven business standing, all of whom have entrusted us with conducting the search for a Russian bride for them. Every man has his own special requirements for a life partner, and we always take into account each of our client’s personal wishes when searching for a perfect match that they would be able to form a couple with, starting their relationship with a Russian woman.

Our members are successful men and women who do not want to waste their valuable time on constant chatting in social media that only ends in casual acquaintances, and we are proud to be the most exclusive matchmaking service for wealthy foreigners in Russia. Our agency’s database is full of women who are looking for men for marriage and to our valued members we offer professional matchmaking services, finding for them perfect matches with beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

We will help you find the right life partner for you!

We value our own reputation as well as the reputation of our clients, and therefore our service is personalized. The confidentiality of our high-status clients is an important constituent of our success; we guarantee that the personal information of each of our clients will be kept in secret and we sign a nondisclosure of personal information clause in our matchmaking services contract.

Our exclusive matchmaking agency offers the following services to gentlemen who are serious about their search:

  • Finding matches in our agency’s database and arranging dates with beautiful Russian women aged 33 – 45 years;
  •  Arranging meetings with women who are members of our agency, have model looks and are aged 21 – 32 years;
  • -An exclusive search for a bride with model looks across Russia, the EU and the USA, taking into account our client’s special requests;
  •  Assistance in the creation and developing of a relationship with a young Russian bride after the initial acquaintance, a matchmaker’s consultations and our matchmaking services with guaranteed results.

Do you want to meet a beautiful Russian woman who is a perfect match for you?

Send us your request and we will contact you as soon as we can to discuss your wishes and provide you with a personal offer!

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