Teona 28 , Moscow

Birth date: 15.08.1991
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: l brown
Education: 2 higher
Specialty: economic
Languages: English
Profession: Financially very stable, real estate agent (for elite property).
Marital status: Single
Children: no
About me:

A well-educated, well-mannered lady, I am able to give positive energy to people, I do meditative practices and sports. As for my job, I sell and I lease houses, including elite real estate on Rublyovka. I speak English freely, studied it at school and university. I would like to start a family with children by all means! My mother runs a library, my father is retired. My relations with mother are magnificent, I respect her greatly. She has acted in the film about the institute where she has been working since 18(!) till present moment, now she is 55 years old. I have usual relations with my father,I am the only child, no brothers and sisters. I am not religious, but baptized (Christianity).

Character: confident, ambitious, responsive, I treat people like a mirror, irrespective of their nation, religion or financial position. Personality:extroversive, I like to be in the center of actions. Hobbies: theater, cinema. Traveling (on ceamonth).I have beento Greece, DominicanRepublic, Belgium, Belorussia, Brazil, Poland, France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Israel, Monaco, Turkey, Germany. I like the ocean. And I enjoy sitting at a fireplace in a cozy place.
Music: classical music and beautiful melodies.
Happiness is a big close family! When none of the family does not tell bad things about another one whatever there is, when no one prevents another from achieving success and there is no envy or jealousy; in my family it was not accepted and I learned these lessons well, I will start a family only if the person is always sincere, judicious and ready to compromise. Besidematerial thingsour children will receive heritage in the form of my extraordinary strong energy, and in the course of communication he will begin to understand that I am an extraordinary person. A few times I was late for the plane or the flight was delayed, as if some unknown force protected me. And I want to give it to my children, I will cultivate in them unity and commitment in the family where everyone will be ready to give life for brother or sister. An example of a perfect family for me is Kate Middleton with children. Since childhood I have known that I will have unusual children and I will be a very good mother.
I value sincerity and fidelity. I will never understand betrayal. If I chose you, you will never doubt my fidelity. I am faithful if you are faithful tome

Wishes for a partner:

In the future I would be interested to start a joint business with my husband and to combine helping my husband and taking care of our family. I prefer living in a big city with the developed infrastructure. In 5 years I see myself with family, children and our own business and with justified hopes of my close people for me)
My partner.
Age: 28 to 48, height: 175to 190;
I am ok if he already has children if we will also have our own in the future.

Desired country of residence: Europe, USA, Russia
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