Taisiya 29 , Moscow

Birth date: 1992
Height: 176 cm (5`8)
Weight: 58 kg (127,8 lbs)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Light brown
Education: Professional. RMAT - tourism and restaurant management.
Specialty: Interior design, interior decoration, floristry, organization of festive events, Professional service.
Languages: English, Basic French
Profession: Financially very stable, real estate agent (for elite property).
Marital status: Single
Children: no
About me:

At the moment, I work for a company which is based in Abu Dhabi and 4.5 months out of six I spend there. On vacation, I fly to Moscow, or if possible to Nice, to spend time with family and friends. For my vacation in Moscow, I rent an apartment in a prestigious area of Moscow.The essential value in life for me is time. It cannot be returned or replenished. The goal in life is to find a family, the opportunity to give love and care, continuous self-improvement and development.
It is difficult for me to describe my character because I believe that this is the prerogative of others. Still, I can say that I am calm and soft, non-confrontational. Perhaps someone will be even bored with me because I do not know how to make scandals, preferring dialogues and discussions of any issues that can arise am homely; I prefer a cosy evening at home in the arms of a loved one rather than noisy events and parties. Although, if a company meets, I am always open to warm and exciting communication. I believe that harmony and balance are vital in life, including in the relationship between husband and wife. It seems to me that in the right relationship, there is no one «in charge». Each of the partners has its responsibilities and role in family life, observing which they create a balanced union of two equally important people. I am always ready to change for the better to achieve mutual love and harmony.
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Wishes for a partner:

Age. from 33 to 45 years old. Preferably tall, strong build, attractive, with kind eyes. Who lives in Moscow or European countries and has the opportunity to travel. I have absolutely nothing against having children with a man from his first marriage. I will always treat them with warmth and respect. I have no prejudices about the age difference. If there are mutual feelings between people, such things fade into the background.
Character: A kind-hearted, person who has been fulfilled and realized in life, self-sufficient, who knows what he wants, what kind of future he represents for himself, is ready to take responsibility, wants to create a family and share this life with a loving woman.

Desired country of residence: Europe, USA, Russia
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