Sofiya 29, Moscow

Birth date: 12.09.1991
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Eye color: grey-blue
Hair color: light brown
Education: technical education (master's degree)
Specialty: engineer
Languages: english
Profession: water supply project manager
Marital status: single
Children: no children
About me:

My character: sociable, shy, cheerful, conscientious, calm, stress-resistant, thinking, kind, responsive. I often laugh.
How I live in the present: Despite of my work, I try to go out more with my friends. I like going to the theater, reading, meeting my friends, communicating with various people. I am always on the move. I always enjoy learning something new. I love classical productions (different genres: where you can laugh, think, cry, or solve some mystery).
I like traveling. I have been to Thailand, Prague, France, Montenegro, Turkey, and Abkhazia. Traveled to the South of Russia and to Yakutia.
I have different understandings of an ideal holiday: it all depends on what you want at the moment of the vacation. It can be active (walking around the city, go to the museum, etc.) or passive (lying under an umbrella on the beach). I like to swim in the sea, I sometimes go to the swimming-pool. I do sports, I like Pole Sport and Stretching.
I prefer light food and vegan cuisine. I know how to make chocolate.
My life values: to learn, to be understanding, not to judge, to please, not to deceive, not to be lazy! Life is art, love and light!
In my mind, family life is happy and joyful! Everyone respects each other, people build their own traditions. If there are children, the parents should keep time for themselves as a couple. The children fly away when they become adults, and the parents stay with each other. There should be freedom in the family, no one should impose anything on other people. Everyone has their own time and space. People travel together, listen to each other. They exchange thoughts and information, even if the other does not understand or accept it. They value each other’s thoughts, values, and feelings.
The husband and the wife should be loyal and honest to each other.
After getting married, I want to continue to improve myself. I want to have a job and to move with the world, as the Earth also rotates! But at the same time I will be happy to meet my husband when he goes back from work.

Wishes for a partner:

The important qualities in a man are sense of humor, intelligence, stable financial situation, honesty, gallantry, nobility, kindness. He should have the wish to discover his beloved woman and the world!

Desired country of residence: Eurore, USA, Russia
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