Christina 36, St- Petersburg

Birth date: 15th March, 1984
Height: 164 cm (5’4.5”)
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Eye color: hazel
Hair color: Dark blonde
Education: Graduated from the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications
Specialty: Computer Programming
Languages: Italian, English
Profession: Organizer of psychological workshops
Marital status: Single
Children: no children
About me:

I have been working since I was 17 years old. My initial motivation to start working was to save money for travel. In my first job I was working as a waitress. In the mornings I would go to university, and in the days and evenings I would work. Thus I was able to achieve my dream. I still love to travel to this day. Last year after I quit my job at an agency that I had been employed at for 8 years I spent 3 months living in Bali, learning various oriental techniques from several mentors. One of the subjects I studied was Eastern medicine. In 2019 I visited a total of 14 countries. In that year I was also educated as a psychologist, earning 6 diplomas. Thanks to this I was able to change my direction in life and now work with people.
I live on my own. I have a three-room flat in the suburbs that I have a mortgage on.
I am building a new business. I already went through a stage of working for a large salary, and now it is important to me to work from a place of inspiration and to really bring value to people’s lives. I also believe that when I do so, I become more feminine.
I own a car, it is a Mercedes SLK 200, a convertible. As a driver, I have over 10 years of experience. The longest trip I ever took while behind the wheel was 2000 km. I really enjoy driving. I also want to one day learn to ride a motorcycle.
I would like to get married and give birth to two children. I’ve always dreamed of having my own family. But it is very important to me to find someone who I will truly connect with on a deeper level.
I would also like to continue working on a business of my own, growing as a person and fulfilling my potential through my business, which would simultaneously be my hobby.
I am constantly working on bettering myself. My strong points are kindness, compassion, decency and holding myself to a high moral standard. My bad side is perfectionism. It really does deter me at times. Also, in many ways my views on forming relationships are old-fashioned. This is neither good nor bad, but does not make it easy for me in the modern world.
I welcome criticism if it is to the point, fair and politely put.
For over five years now I have been interested in books on the subject of the subconscious. I read many different books on psychology, relationships and the emotional intellect, as well as books on Eastern practices.
I have had a love for classical literature since childhood. My favourite author is M. Bulgakov, and my favourite book is his well-known work “The Master and Margarita”.
I love sports. I’ve done aerobics, acrobatics and Latin American dancing.
I also love to travel – not on tours or vacation packages, but by learning about a new place through its local people.
I am afraid of heights, but I’m intent on facing my fear. I have tried paragliding, participated in aerial silk workshops at a circus studio, flown on a hot-air balloon, done indoor skydiving, etc. I often challenge myself to grow above my limitations.
I don’t smoke and I dislike the smell of tobacco.
I can sometimes have a glass of fine wine with my supper, but do not abuse alcohol. I treat it as an optional pleasant complement to the food.
I am not a party-goer; I don’t enjoy the club life. But I do like to have fun. For example, I very much like to go to Latin American dancing evenings.I am a rather active person. I like to always discover new things for myself. This trait is also important to me in a partner. I do not watch TV or own one.
I’ve already mentioned sports. I would like to do acrobatics again, but am currently on a tight budget and between funding my education and hobbies/entertainment I choose education.
I travel at least 4 times a year. I used to have very little time when I worked as an event organizer. Work used to take up almost all of my time.
I’ve travelled to Europe a lot. Among countries that are more far off than that, I’ve visited the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Bali, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. In total I have been to over 30 different countries. When there, I liked Italian food the most.
My favourite country is Italy. And I really loved Bali, too.
I love Italy for its history, I love the Italian language, the architecture, and especially the cuisine. I am a true foodie. I love delicious, quality food that is cooked with love and served beautifully. I also like to cook at home, but not when it turns into a routine. I like the process of cooking food. But when it turns into a chore it loses its charm. As with everything with me – if I “have to” do something, I will eventually become repelled by it. I like to do things in a state of love and inspiration. more information about me can be found in the marriage agencyя

Wishes for a partner:

I dream that I would soon find a man who is ambitious, and who shows his worth by his actions, not his words. I am also drawn to intelligence in men. It is important to me to feel secure, to have a sense of reliability when I am next to my man. This way I can myself be delicate and vulnerable, enhancing my femininity. As I have got quite a strong personality, it is important to me that a man is stronger than me. I want to be able to lean on my man. And to follow him.
I like generous men, both emotionally and in terms of gifts.
I won’t stand for greediness, lies and selfishness.

I am hoping to try something new in life together with my future partner, to share in his interests and follow his lead.

Desired country of residence: Europe, USA, Russia
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