Oksana 42, Minsk

Birth date: 01.01.1978
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 64 cm
Eye color: Blue - grey
Hair color: Blond
Education: 2 higher: 1) teacher of chemistry and biology 2) engineer-technologist
Specialty: engineer
Languages: English
Profession: Teacher, engineer.
Marital status: Divorced since 2006
Children: Son, 16 y.o., lives with me
About me:

I was born and grew in a full family, mother is a doctor, head of a policlinics, father is a veterinarian, chief agricultural specialist. I have excellent relations with parents, we constantly communicate, I have a brother, he is a conductor.
I am sociable, competent, emotional, honest, intelligent, sympathetic, curious, thoughtful, open, optimistic, reliable, devoted, careful, active, warm, gentle, hardworking.
My hobbies: sports, cooking, my son from, yoga trainings. I like to travel, especially if it is possible to go and visit interesting places
I was in Italy 3 times, and still it is not enough to see its magnificence. Everything is lovely there!!! Architecture, fountains, people, food, wine, smell, the sea, mountains. I also visited Germany — Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Montenegro — just the sea tour and visiting old churches, Brazil – visited my friend, the UAE — I work there at present.
It is interesting to see Spain, Switzerland, Mongolia, Argentina, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Canada, Sri Lanka and Russia
I like history, tranquility and greatness of churches and castles, meeting people and their culture, feeling the fragrance of other country
My perfect holiday is at home, with family and friends, to bring the house in order, then to visit some other country or to go to the mountains
I love different music: Chris Rhee, Aguilera, K-Maro, Leps, Ani Lorac, NaNa, Ace of Base, Reamonn, Mariah Carey, V.Lazlo, Lyeoka …
Films: Drama, Thriller, Detective, Historical Drama
Food: I eat everything, I really like Italian and French cuisine, and I like sushi, I like to cook: salads, soups, lasagna, chicken cutlets, Brioni, potatoes, cakes
I do sports: gym, fitness, dancing, I do not smoke, I have a driving license, but I don’t have a car at present.
In the future I would like to take care of my family, to help husband with his work, it is also possible to create joint business

Wishes for a partner:

Noble, confident, a leader, gentle, charismatic, patient, vigorous, sociable, clever, caring, generous, loving, honest, eager to start a full family and make friends with my son.

Desired country of residence: Europe, USA, Russia
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