Maria19, Moscow

Birth date: 9th July, 2001
Height: 160 cm(5’3”)
Weight: 50 kg(110 lbs)
Eye color: green
Hair color: Ombré,
Education: Law
Specialty: Lawyer
Languages: English
Profession: Student (Additional education: Dance, acting)
Marital status: Single
Children: no children
About me:

My personality: I am kind, cheerful and an extravert.

I love to dance, lead an active lifestyle and learn the English language. I also love to travel, but haven’t managed to do so as often as I’d like. I have been to Thailand.

My life values: loyalty, mutual understanding, respect and being there for each other.

I like to spend my vacations at a summer house out in the country. My ideal vacation would include a combination of active and passive recreation, lots of relaxation and doing nothing, lots of sun, sea and sand, sightseeing, exploring new cities and the outdoors, engaging in sports, taking plenty of walks, having massages and balneotherapy sessions.

I like Russian food and various other cuisines, as long as they are tasty. I myself am good at making soup 🙂 I dance and do gymnastics. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. We have a dog in my parents’ home, it is a Yorkshire Terrier. I have a driver’s license, but do not own a car.

How I see my ideal future with my beloved spouse: I devote as much time as possible to my husband and myself, help my husband with his work, further my own career, but also take care of our family. I’d like to get another education and to create a joint business with my husband.

In 5 years’ time I see myself as a truly happy young woman who is loved!

My ideal man

Is up to 50 years old and up to 6’3” tall, possibly with children.

Wishes for a partner:


Is up to 50 years old and up to 6’3” tall, possibly with children.

Personal traits: Kind, faithful, understanding, caring

Desired country of residence: Any

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