Ksenia 31, Moscow

Birth date: 23rd October, 1989
Height: 173 cm,(5’8”,)
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Eye color: grey-green
Hair color: Dark blonde
Education: Master’s degree in Sociology of Management
Specialty: Translator specialising in social communication
Languages: English
Profession: Sociologist, translator
Marital status: Single
Children: no children
About me:

I am generally quite sensitive and sometimes have mood swings, but I manage to deal with them using breathing techniques and meditation. At times I am easily hurt by negative comments, especially coming from people who are close to me. But on the whole I have a cheerful outlook and love to smile and show my care for my loved ones. I am responsible, attentive and optimistic.
I love theatre and ballet. I used to dream of visiting the Opéra Garnier in Paris, and in 2017 that dream came true, which I am incredibly happy about! I now hope to also be able to visit the Vienna State Opera.
I am fond of photography and dancing, I lead an active lifestyle and love to try new things. I also like to run and have participated in two races. I hope to participate in other races in the future. I adore mountain climbing. I’ve tried rafting and surfing. I don’t smoke. I sometimes drink wine or champagne. I love seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. I often bake fish and make homemade dumplings. I like listening to deep house and pop music. I love travelling very much, and have worked abroad on contract.
My ideal holiday is: a combination of active and passive recreational activities, visiting new cities and places of interest, taking walks and having massages and balneotherapy sessions at spas.
I want to have at least two children, ideally three. I see my future family life as filled with happiness: all of the family’s members are cared for and spend quality time together, possibly also while travelling.
One of my strengths is the ability to find a compromise in any situation. I am always open to self-development and changing for the better.
Happiness is harmony in one’s relationship, being open to dialogue and caring about each other’s feelings. Love is when another’s happiness is more important than one’s own. I do not tolerate cheating in any form.
I do not have many close friends. I value my close friends highly and wish to always have the opportunity to keep in touch with them. On the whole, I am quite a domestic person.
My dream is: I would like to open an animal shelter, for cats in particular. I am currently donating regularly to several shelters, and this makes me very happy.

Wishes for a partner:

A single man up to 55 years old and at least 174 cm (5’8.5”) tall, possibly with children. Kind, strong, caring, attentive and looking for a beautiful and intelligent wife.

Desired country of residence: Not important
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