Robert and Irina

Irina (27 years old, Moscow): I worked as a translator in Cyprus, and at the time I had many foreign suitors, but none of them were serious. My mother advised me to find a good international matchmaking service to meet genuine suitors, especially since I really love the sea and would like to live somewhere with a warm climate. Then, at her friends’ recommendation, she took it upon herself to find Anna’s contacts and call her on Skype. Anna is a professional matchmaker in Russia. Together, they chose the premium services option and two weeks later I was sent several candidates and a link to the profile of my future fiancé, Robert. Thanks to the matchmaking service, we began to get to know each other online and then Robert flew over to where I was staying so we could go on a date. He immediately proposed in a beautiful way! I cannot help but recall the words: “If you want to find your true love, you must go towards your destiny”!

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