Elina 33, Moscow

Birth date: 09.12.1987
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Eye color: brown-green
Hair color: brunette
Education: aculty of psychology of Moscow State University Lomonosov, 2.Department of directing at the Moscow film School 3. Intensive UCLA, drama 4. Annual program of NYFA, and drama
Specialty: Psychologist
Languages: English, Hebrew (beginner level)
Profession: Psychologist, creator of an online psychological program for women. I am a screenwriter and director. I also teach drama at a prestigious state university.
Marital status: Divorced
Children: 2 children (boy and girl, 6 and 7 years old) - fully provided for by their father
About me:

I was born in an interfaith family, and this is probably where my early interest in the world’s different religions and spiritual traditions came from.
I have been studying spiritual directions for more than 17 years. It will soon be my 12th year of studying Kabbalah, and I am also very interested in the Vedas and Buddhism. I am engaged in spiritual practices and have teachers around the world. Trips to places of power have become an integral part of my life.
Practices, trips, communication with teachers: all that fills and satisfies me, helping me manage my turbulent emotions and bright temperament.
I regularly practice sports in the gym. I do yoga and qigong.
In the past I used to dance the ballet.
Gastronomic preferences: I love delicious food, which is somewhat difficult because of my allergy to milk.
I don’t eat red meat. I eat fish and poultry, but rarely. I usually eat vegetarian food. I believe that food affects our consciousness. I can cook, but rarely do it.
I love to travel. I visited most of the countries in the world. I like spiritual expeditions (India, Tibet, Israel, etc.). I love mountains very much.

I dream of a harmonious family life. I am planning to publish two books in the near future and make my next film.

My life values are honesty, loyalty, dignity, family, inner freedom and freedom to be yourself, love, spirituality, creativity.

Wishes for a partner:

Age 30-50 years old. It doesn’t matter if he already has children. I love children. For me, the personal qualities of the man are important: stability, clear understanding of what he wants to get in the life, respect for the woman, active life position, interest in traveling. Even if he doesn’t have any interest in spiritual practices, he should at least accept this fact and respect my views.
He must be honest and delicate. Also it’s important for me that his words are in accordance with his deeds.

Desired country of residence: preferably Russia, UK, USA, Israel.
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