Anna 32, Moscow

Birth date: 05.03.1987
Height: 170 см
Weight: 50 kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Light brown
Education: Higher. TV presenter, beauty designer, designer
Specialty: Teacher of foreign languages, manager, lawyer
Languages: English, German, French
Profession: teacher, lawyer, PR manager, model, lawyer. Until now I have my own business: I am a personal assistant to the director. I organize the activities of the company and the planning of the directo
Marital status: Single
Children: No children
About me:

I am feminine, endowed with all the good traits of female’s character. I believe that the most important thing is modesty and sense of humor. My hobbies are sports, walking in the nature, photography, warm evenings with my family, watching nice old Hollywood movies. I like to do things periodically, have different projects. I enjoy going to exhibitions, festivals, film festivals.

I travel a lot. Travelling is my main activity, mainly for work. However I have travelled all my life for holiday too.
I have visited Mexico, Dominican Republic, UAE, Turkey, Korea, Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania).
I am an outstanding girl: lawyer, translator, model, designer, director of development of several business areas. I’m 32 years old and fully established professionally. Currently, my focus and priority are realizing in my personal life, creating a family with a decent man and giving birth to children.I would like to take care of my loved ones.
My ideal holiday is the combination of active and passive rest. I enjoy relaxing and doing nothing. I love sun, sea and sand, visit new cities and attractions.
I love music. My favorite movies are Hollywood and old Soviet films. I like different cuisines, but do not like spicy food. I rarely cook as I have little time because of my work, but I know how to cook borsch, pilaf, and also some light dishes of home cuisine.
I used to be a professional athlete, now I do cycling and swimming. I do not smoke! I do not like when people smoke in my presence because it’s bad for my health. But it’s not a problem if a person smokes away from me and then comes to me.
I drink alcohol only on holidays. I have the driver’s license and love to drive.
I have my own car rental business.
In the future I would like to spend as much time as possible with my husband, find a job with a reduced working day, maybe get a new education. As I was born and grew up in a big city, I get depressed without activity, that’s why living in a village is boring for me. However I believe that because of the current environmental situation it is better for children to live in a rural area. That’s why it’s good to have a flat in the city and a house in the countryside. My family has always lived that way.

Wishes for a partner:

He should be at least 40 years old and 170 cm tall. It’s not a problem if he already has children. I want him to be sensitive, generous, responsible for his words and actions, with a sense of humor.

Desired country of residence: Eurore, USA, Russia
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