Albina 51, Tatarstan

Birth date: 09.12.1968
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown
Education: University degree, add. education - psychologist
Specialty: industrial engineer
Languages: English ,Tatar
Profession: Business women
Marital status: Divorced
Children: No
About me:

We are having warm, close relations with our parents, we meet on weekends and holidays. I am naturally feminine, cheerful, optimistic, sociable, able to be grateful and faithful, friendly person. My hobbies are : dancing, fitness, traveling, theater, attending cultural events, traveling 3-5 times a year, tourism and business trips; already visited Italy, Australia, Greece, Spain, Thailand, China, Switzerland, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Turkey. What did I like in different countries? Italy — culture, creativity, history, cuisine; Australia — a positive attitude to life, family culture, cheerfulness, climate; Thailand — rest, a state of harmony with nature; Spain — warm climate, family culture, history; Greece — Greek mythology; China — cultural traditions, massage, medicine; Switzerland — nature, a high standard of living; It would be interesting for me to visit the historical places of England, the architecture and romance of France, new technologies, nature and culture of Japan. I like to relax in a summer house or a good hotel; combination of active and passive relaxation, perfect relaxation — with the man i love, in an exotic country with sun, sea and sand);
Musical preferences: Beth Hart? Louis Armstrong, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion; I like movies about history, prominent personalities and life. “Meet Joe Black”, “Tourist”, “Eat, Pray, Love”; Food preferences : fish, salads, fruits, sweets, I love and I know how to cook by myself (duck with apples, manti)
I do gymnastics every day.. I don’t have a car, but I would like to learn how to drive a car if my man was nearby. In the future I would like to devote myself to my family and house, (for example, i could help to my husband in his work), I want to live in a big or a small city, with an opportunity for our family to lead a social life.

Wishes for a partner:

His age is from 49 years old, height from 5’7”, generous, keen on his work, attentive, caring, responsible, dense and athletic body , well-groomed; diverse.

Desired country of residence: Europe, USA, Russia
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