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Dating During the Pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak has captured most countries and keeps spreading across the globe every day. Many people acutely feel the drastic effects of isolation and loneliness. In conditions of self-isolation, we are witnessing an increase in the number of people who eagerly desire to find loved ones. Today, as people are limited in their capabilities of traditional personal movements and communication, international dating is becoming more important. Elite Club agency is here to help you find a soul mate, and together you are sure to be a very happy couple despite all current difficulties and obstacles.

Intimate and fascinating communication with male foreigners takes place through online platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime. Although such modes of communication exclude close physical presence, they help you to be creative and get to know each other well.

Elite Club Team

Elite Club is a specialised company that offers personalized services for everyone who wants to make new and pleasant acquaintances. Our company aims at helping respectable wealthy members of society and beautiful women find each other and achieve happiness together.

We are actively working to expand the circle of customers not only in Moscow but also throughout many other cities in Russia. We are trusted by customers from Europe and the USA. As Elite Club, we constantly record growth on the number of people who want to work with us.

The advantages of our agency

Why should you be part of our agency? As a member of the Elite Club, you will enjoy;

  • the experience and professionalism in selecting potential partners;
  • orientation to the company’s activities to the targeted selection that meets the expectations of the partner;
  • the guarantee of confidentiality of all data of our customers;
  • the provision of services taking into account your place of residence, budget and individual requests;
  • A guarantee of the safety, privacy, and reliability of the data provided by our customers.

Our team is always ready to solve the problems of your loneliness and unhappiness. To do this, we are ready to assist at any convenient time.  So, do not hesitate to call us, even if you just want to chat. Let the current events with the pandemic not be the reason to constantly be alone. Just on the contrary, it’s just the time to widen the circle of your acquaintances and to find the dearest person in the whole world. Together with the friendly Elite Club family, you will feel happy and safe. Your data will also be safeguarded.

Do not be afraid to communicate to get the partner of your dream. Contact us and we will surely find a way to be useful and provide you with the necessary help to arrange a successful meeting for you.

Successful couples (matches) begin with remote communication via Skype, Whatsapp, and FaceTime. Physical distance will not be an obstacle when it comes to warm friendly communication between people who seek to establish contact with their chosen one.

You could be alone, but you should not be lonely!

The first thing you should do is to think and act right now! Do not allow yourself to put off your active actions for the future!

Virtual communication can be as effective as personal contact if you carefully listen to another person, share your thoughts and feelings, and are always eager to have a lively communication. Being prepared for true self-disclosure and close social connections will help you overcome loneliness and its dangerous consequences.

During communication in messengers, you can ask questions, find out what your acquaintance is interested in, what films and books she prefers, and where she usually spends her leisure time. Before meeting in real life, you will know your acquaintance and her interests perfectly well, which will only be positive for the further development of your relationship.

No matter how physically far away you are from each other, your spiritual closeness will be achieved. Thanks to the possibility of virtual interaction! You do not have to physically be in the same room to have a good time with family and friends. The same is with the girl who is also eager to become an important part of your life.

Of course, it is difficult to find an absolutely full-fledged substitute for real person face to face communication, but the feeling that the restrictions we are facing now are a temporary phenomenon will help you to wait for a real meeting in the near future.

Contact us by phone at any time, and during this difficult time of the pandemic, we will do our best to ensure that you do not feel lonely at any time!

Some good tips to impress a Russian girl

Have you ever had to take care of a woman you liked, seek her favor? Do you agree that some ladies are very difficult to win?! How to behave with them and to be successful? Let’s see!

Do russian women differ from European, American or Asian beauties? Sure. Each country has its own mentality and culture, so people can look at relationships and courtship in different ways. By contacting the ELITE CLUB Agency you are guaranteed to receive comprehensive support from our side. We always advise clients on how to charm the future bride. Every person is unique, and girls are all different, but there are universal tips, applying which, you will undoubtedly remain a winner.

What are the steps to impress a russian girl?

● Be caring and attentive. She will definitely pay attention to how gallant you are. Show this in small things. You can open the door for her, or you can text a message and ask if she’s tired after work, or call her a taxi or order dinner. This display of attention is sure to catch the girl. You will show her how essential she is to you. It’s just important not to overdo-it. If you become extremely obtrusive, the lady will just run away from you.

● Russian women love flowers. In Slavic culture, it is customary to give flowers to ladies. It is not necessary to give a large bouquet every time, you can give a modest, but refined, and the gesture itself will be extremely beautiful! If you still think that flowers are a waste of money, then you have not yet learned the magic of this gift. Every woman in the soul is very sensitive, tender, vulnerable. By giving flowers to a lady you like, you will show your interest, attention and intentions. And you will definitely not leave her indifferent! It will look even more romantic if you send her a bouquet to work, for example. This will add you a few dozen points! Because girls not only love to receive flowers, but also to let others see this beautiful gesture from a mysterious man. Go for it! This will definitely impress a russian girl!

● When going on a date, take care of your appearance. Dress accordingly with the place you plan to go, but still try to look attractive. The woman will definitely notice and appreciate your efforts. A well-dressed man always looks much more seductive.

● Surprise her! Arrange an unusual date. If you still don’t know much about the woman, not sure of her interests, then act intuitively. What matters here is not the amount of money spent, but the emotions that your action will cause.

● ELITE CLUB ensures to help all our clients arrange dates in Moscow when they arrive to meet the brides in person. We select restaurants, locations, entertainment, organise excursions and make your evening exceptionally beautiful. So if you aren’t sure about the method of impressing a russian girl just trust us, and you will get the best result!

● Try to be easy to communicate, make jokes and be sincere. Positive men are much more likely to enrapture a russian beauties. Sometimes the language barrier can interfere with communication, but smiles, laughter and happy eyes are always easy to understand!

● Say compliments. The best way to show her your sympathy is to say how beautiful and perfect she looks. Try to see something special in your lady and emphasise it. Most importantly, be honest and say it from the heart.

● Write her a letter. Does that sound old-fashioned? This is a very romantic and intimate gesture. In the contemporary world sending a message takes a few seconds, and handwritten letters are incredibly valuable. You write words from the heart. Such a letter will really impress a russian lady. She can save it and read it again and again. In a handwritten letter you can especially show your soul and sincere sympathy for the woman. So don’t be afraid to surprise her in this way!

● Listen carefully to her and remember what she says. After a while, you can surprise her by showing that you are not just an attentive listener, but also a caring man who takes her words seriously and remembers it.

● Give her a present. It could be a ticket to a concert that she has long dreamed of going to, or hand-made eye rings, or even tasty cupcake. It would be a very sweet gesture to show that you are thinking about her!

● Be confident, because a woman is looking for a man with whom she will feel safe. Give her that feeling.

So what is the easiest way to impress a russian girl?

Each of these tips are important. Be sincere on a date. Show your sympathy and pure interest to her. It’s really a big exclusive adventure to date a russian woman. You will definitely win her heart by following our advice.

How are we preparing the dates?

When we consult our clients, we get to know them as closely as possible, and arrange dates according to their interests. Careful preparation for the first meetings is a really serious and important matter. We have extensive experience in organising interesting, unusual and chic dates. The most important thing for us is to help you find the perfect partner. By applying to ELITE CLUB, you invest in your happy future.
You can contact us:
+7 985 269-82-10
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How to be in short and long term dating with Russian woman

Ideally, dating should involve something more than just summer romance and end with an engagement as a new stage of relationships. At ELITE CLUB, we vote with both our hands for a long term relationship. However, we can’t ignore the fact flings also occur and have their beauty as well. So, how to understand whether your story is for a few weeks or years? How to shape longevity?
Our matchmaking experts prepared detailed answers to all these questions and provided you with accurate markers to guide you on your route.

Making plans for the future

A summer romance lives just minute-to-minute here. It strives to seize the moment, seize the day to get as much joy, pleasure, and sexual delight as this moment and this day may offer. The future is of no concern here as it is not just too distant but completely forgotten. The present moment is what really matters. Definitely, a few-week fling is the land of no tomorrow.
On the contrary, a true partnership involves more consideration about the future together. You make plans, set goals to achieve as a couple. Of course, this doesn’t look like a roadmap but you really muse about some next-month or next-year joint activities. For example, this may be about:
• Your or her next birthday,
• Shared vacations and holidays,
• Living together and associated arrangements, at last.
So, if none of you bothers with this sort of reflection, the longevity of your partnership is close to instant. In contrast, living space for your partner in your next-year schedule and, what is more important, in your routine is a great sigh of deep affection and connection.

Introducing to friends and family

It is only natural to narrow the world to just two of yours for the first days (or, perhaps, even weeks) of your relationships. The desire of being alone together is the path lovers walk in the early beginning of their love story. Why do you need to include someone else in your world if you feel so good together? After all, do you need any extra social whilst the first sensation of intimacy and romance is filling you up to the very last cell of your body? Yes, putting aside your friends and family for a while is the way you may go at the start.
However, it is also natural to widen your world and include each other’s friends and families into it sooner or later. At long last, none should fall out of one’s social circle forever. A long term relationship implies you introduce your love to your friends and family. And so she does.
If the time goes but you still are deeply ignorant of her social, friends, and relatives, this is no more than a short summer romance. Besides, not even mentioning the possibility of introducing your woman to your friends and family either doesn’t speak for the longevity.

Discuss your relationship status

One more aspect of how to have a long-term relationship with a Russian woman is the discussion of your partnership status. Especially, when it touches important issues.
Short dating is a pleasant time spending, a love story without concern and responsibilities. In fact, you are not prepared to bother yourself with them. Thus, it is natural to avoid anything except pleasure and delight you get from each other.
However, a long-term relationship is a partnership that implies both of you are ready to discuss challenges and be proactive to overcome them. Even a small issue should be addressed immediately as it arises. Every little threat to your shared world should be fought against. If you are willing and ready to make your stand, you build something more than just a fling of summer romance.

Tips for summer romance in Russia

Sometimes people get tired of their routine and just want to diversify their life with a bit of flirt and fling. Perhaps, this is one of the most common reasons for summer romance. Still, even this short love story has some rules that let her happen:
1 Do not practice pick up lines and always be a gentleman. Be honest in your words and actions. Russian women are very sensitive and too proud to be provoked with these cheap efforts to get their bodies instead of trying to win their hearts.
2 Do not invest too much in your summer love story. We do not invite you to be a scrooge. Just plan your budget ahead both in terms of money and your emotions. Save them for a long-term partnership as this is the only thing that is worth great investments.
3 Always practice safe sex. Well, we are not going to dive too deep into this aspect, but we are sure you know all the benefits safe sex provides.

Where can you meet your fling?

Well, there are tons of opportunities here! For example, it can be:
• Resorts,
• Night clubs,
• Bars and restaurants.
However, don’t let flings fool you. Only a long term relationship can provide you with real freedom and happiness.

Tips for a long term relationship in Russia

We sincerely believe partnership longevity to be the basis of the world. So, we strive to help our clients build it. Here are a few tips on how to have a long term relationship:
1. Communicate your vision. Tell your partner about the things you don’t like. It is naturally you both may have different opinions about some things. So, inform your partner what your position is.
2. Be interested in her drivers and blocks. After all, she is a great personality, so try to know her inner world, feelings, and concerns.
3. Trust your partner. Mutual trust is a win-win strategy for a life-long love story.

Where to find longevity?

Well, in many cases, this is not a question of where to find a long term relationship but how to build and save them. This is what we pay great attention at our matchmaking agency. So, contact us if you feel you are ready for a deep connection and want to find a nice Russian woman to build your longevity.

Dating without borders — myth or reality?

Love without borders is an absolute reality. There are no barriers when there is a great desire to be together, love each other, develop and think about the future.
Dating at a distance is difficult, there is no need to even argue, but it strengthens the relationship if both partners are really interested.

How to start dating a russian woman?

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Find foreign brides with ELITE CLUB Agency. We work with people from all over the world. Therefore, almost always the steps of first dates are held in an online format. We are selecting suitable candidates for you, and then you start communicating online. It gives you the opportunity to get to know each other, because after a few conversations you understand whether you like this person or not. At a distance, there is an interest and a will to meet as soon as possible.
Dating without borders is possible because of a great desire, patience and motivation – these are the most important components. After going through such a difficult stage together, the couple becomes more united. Sometimes it can be difficult but in such situations the psychologist of our team is always ready to help and suggest solutions.

How to save a relationship at a distance?

There is few simple but incredible important advices:
● be honest with your partner;
● talk about everything, show interest;
● create several traditions between you two and follow them, such as calling each day at 10 PM or having dinner together;
● say nice words to make your beloved feel needed and important;
● give thanks for small things, show care even at a distance.

Changing the mindset

Dating without borders is about feeling your loved one through time and space. This is a special art that has great value. Even if it seemed impossible to you, believe, there are no barriers in love! It’s a popular misconception that long-distance relationships don’t work. But still, when two hearts meet and find great interest in each other, the world changes. The mindset is also changing. Many people in such couples notice that they become even closer and have opportunities to learn a lot about the partner. Because they feel a stronger desire to be together and solve problems that arise. People communicate a lot, open up to each other.
When a couple is formed, we always help men, suggesting how to show attention and care for the bride even at a distance. The team of our Agency provides any assistance in building your harmonious way to happy marriage.

Long term dating

If a long-distance relationship is delayed for a long time due to some reason, do not panic and get upset. The most important thing is trust. This is the main brick in the foundation of relationships. Trust unconditionally, do not suspect a loved one, make too hasty conclusions based only on a fantasy played out. If you feel any uncertainty, doubts, it is better to talk openly, speak what you care about and why, but do not blame your partner, only talk how you feel.
It is likely that your fears are unjustified and far-fetched. Always put your loved one in the priority of your daily routine, even if you are late at work, take the time to call or write: two to five minutes will make your partner happier and you will show him how important he (she) is to you! Appreciate the time you spend together, whether it’s a Skype call or just chatting.

Perhaps, being in a long-term long-distance relationship, you will come up with the idea that it is easier to break up and find another person. But before you take such a difficult step, look back, because you have come such a long way! What motivated you to go this way and love your partner every day, even after miles? Remember all the magical moments: shared joy and sadness, laughter… You are so far away from each other now, but this is temporary! It is worth remembering this, do not give up. Love without borders at a distance is a serious test that strengthens relationships, makes people closer and more united. If you two have already managed to overcome such a difficult period, imagine what a strong couple you are! You will survive everything together! Many people note that they become much closer to each other, begin to trust more when they have passed the insidious test of distance. You are choosing a woman for marriage, so be patient and strong!

Create ways to meet

Be apart so long it’s really difficult, but don’t let these emotions divide you. Be creative! Dating without borders is:
1. Making plans about your new meeting, what you will do, where you will go;
2. Come up with scenarios for new dates;
3. Sometimes allow yourself to just give in to the wave and enjoy the moment. If something went wrong do not worry, but try to spend time with a good mood and with love in your heart;
4. Spontaneity is good even in long-distance relationships. Therefore, you can surprise a loved one by unexpectedly coming to him.

Difference between distance love and ordinary relationships

Most couples, who go through this hard time notice that they become much stronger and happier compared to people who are living together. They describe their partner from new sides, understand him better and deeper. So appreciate this border between you, it gives much more benefits!

We’ve married a lot of couples. Each of them went through this difficult stage of building long-distance relationships. We are proud of each of them. The most important thing is to understand and believe that this is real. Long-distance dating is not a myth! A very strong brick that can lay a very solid foundation in your future marriage.
We know all the subtleties, secrets and pitfalls of how to build a strong and sincere relationship. By entrusting your partner choice to us, you get true love and constant support. Do not be afraid to choose a partner from another country because love without borders!
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